Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Journey to Appleville

Journey to Appleville teaches me about the importance of not being afraid to tell someone what matters to you and that it takes a lot of strength to do so, like the amount it takes to venture on a journey.

The book is about a group of friends named Lui-Lui, Cassie, Lizzy, Pedro, Kenan, and Tu-Tu who decide to explore Appleville, the place to accomplish your goals. There, they meet the Appleville fairy and they tell her their weaknesses so they can overcome them. Because of their courageous actions, the Appleville fairy gives all of the friends a golden apple. The kids want to come back to accomplish their goals, as a result.

I would rate this book not one, not two, but FOUR stars for its clear understanding in the lesson that it will hopefully explain to children of all ages. I would recommend this book to the children who are afraid to share their feelings and hopefully after reading this book, they will have the courage of the kids who journeyed to Appleville.

Thank you, Veronica Appleton, for giving me this adventurous story to read with my little sister.

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